Intel’s New Platform

eWeek gives a closer look at the Intel processor that will probably power the new Mac powerbooks next year (Jan??) and PCs. The new mobile platform is called Napa and the dual-core Yonah processor is supposed to outperform their current laptops by 68%. I hope to replace my iBook early next year and are waiting to see the new line up. HT: MacRumors

Nice to see Intel and Apple coming together. My brother in law in Oregon works for Intel. I havent mentioned him much because he has always been a PC man and supported the Babylonian world of Microsoft. But now that Intel and Apple are dancing, Kirk Brannock – my dear brother in law – has suddenly come into my life in a new way . . for it is he and his colleagues at Intel who are finding new ways for my Mac to run faster. Thanks Kirk. Welcome back into the family. Sooooo glad your life has finally found its purpose.


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  • Mark Berry says:

    As a new Mac convert (3months… and will NEVER go back) my only regret is getting one too soon…i.e. not being able to wait till the new Intel powered macs are available… One thought that flits across my diodes is just where this leaves the PC world… presumably mac have an exclusivity deal with Intel… so the already slower PC world will be relegated to the slower Intel chips or to the likes of Athlon? Go on Andrew ask Kirk for the inside skinny 😉

  • andrew says:

    kirk is tight-lipped about the whole thing
    but apparently there will be a convergence of sorts between pc and mac OS interfaces.
    as for you new computer, i know people who will not buy any new mac product for at least 6 months – enough time to get the bugs out.

  • Andrew,
    Will the Intel chip mean the Accordance software, what I think is the best thing going for concordance and grammatical-syntactical work on the original languages, will need to be updated too? Have any idea?

  • andrew says:

    i have heard that a lot of software will need to be updated – which is why i havent invested heavily in any recent updates
    my best guess is that accordance will need to update for the new system

  • John Liotti says:

    oh man – bring it on. It’s almost time to replace my PB… Can’t wait!

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