Early At Dawn

I am working on a team blog for DAWN Europe today. The blog will be released in January and will cover missiology, church planting movements and significant resources, events, etc. Should be good. It will be called EarlyAtDawn.


Not sure if i will use this graphic or not. Is it too cheesy?


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  • Hi Andrew, pleeease don’t go with the sunrise… I will probably read this blog and though I love the light of dawn I already get a ton of those during worship in my church. (Why??? They are much more beautiful in real than in pixel, don’t you agree?) What about black/grey for the night and oranges in the dawn letters, maybe brighter with each letter? Might decrease the cheesiness a bit? 🙂

  • i think it looks pretty! if i saw a sunrise like that i would definitely feel inspired… seeing as i dont believe in god or any of that i probably wouldnt be inspired in a religious way, but i’m sure it would inspire many people in a religious way

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sunrise like that. Looks more like a sunset to me.
    What about an image of the earth from low angle where you can see the line of day/night?

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