Jesus the Emergent Pastor


"When we make Jesus timeless we make him useless." 

John Frye, "Jesus The Radical Pastor" who is doing a series on Jesus:

Jesus the (First) Emergent Pastor

1 – Jesus the Emergent Pastor: Worldview

2. Jesus the Emergent Pastor: God

3. Jesus the Emergent Pastor: Bible

4. Jesus the Emergent Pastor: New Ways of Seeing People

5. Jesus the Emergent Pastor: Redeeming People

6. Jesus the Emergent Pastor: This Particular Jew

Good stuff, John!. And thanks Bill Kinnon for recommended it. Might be in the running for best blog series of the year. Londoner Kester Brewin has also written of the emergence of Christ into culture in his book The Complex Christ, one of the best books on the subject of Emerging Church.


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