Getting a House?

There is a house next to the youth hostel in Stromness that we are trying to get. Tomorrow is the last day for bids. Someone in the town has offered to buy the house (since we have no money and cannot get a mortgage in UK) and let us use it for the time being, with us paying the interest and council tax.

Its a great 5 bedroom house but has not been lived in for 15 years. It will need a lot of work to get it livable, but we would like to give it a shot.

Offer goes in tomorrow and we should know by Friday. If you have been following the story, you will know we have been looking for a year and haven’t got this far until today. Quite exciting!!!

We were originally thinking of a monastic setting outside the town, but feel better about this scenario – an urban monastic center that is decentralised so that we dont have to buy all the buildings. Having a hostel up against the house and a hotel and pub about 10 feet away will allow us to function like a monastery/pilgrimage centre without having to buy one. Anyway, appreciate prayer for God’s smile on this one . .


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