Cyber Monday Restraint

Blogs4God SinbathBlogs4God salutes you if you avoided the “orgy known as Black Friday” especially if you restrained yourself from buying some of the Jesus Junk that is currently available. Lets see how you fare tomorrow on Cyber Monday, the web equivalent of Black Friday. Its when connected Americans go online and spend lots of money after Thanksgiving. And those who shop from overseas can also benefit from the savings so I guess that impacts everyone.

As I ask myself what i really need, and how many of them do i already have . .. a thought comes to mind from LUKE 3:11 [thanks Matt]

So the crowds were asking him, “What then should we do?”

John answered them, “The person who has two tunics must share with the person who has none; and the person who has food must do likewise.”

Or in other words, our secondary possessions are up for grabs. Thats how I read it and it often keeps me from buying the extra thing or the second thing. And if i do buy it, I am already thinking about who might need the item i am replacing.

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