AirCon Overkill


I saw this house in Austin Texas last month. Anyone care to count the airconditioners?


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  • Andrew,
    As a HVAC engineer, my professional opinion is that either that is actually a restaurant posing as a house or someone has a death wish and wants their roof to collapse. Looks like they have a couple upblast exhaust fans (for cooking hoods), remote compressors for walk-in coolers / freezers, as well as about 20-30 tons of regular air conditioning. Nuts.

  • When I lived in Arkansas, a man bragged to me that he had purchased one of the huge AC units from a Wal-Mart that had closed down, and hooked it up at his small house. He said he fired it up, went out for a while, and found his house frozen when he returned.
    True story – I kid you not.

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