Camping with Friends


There was a caravan of 7 cars when we left the Doxology exhibition to get to our KOA campsite. We set up our tents and made it our base. The following day we had a BBQ with about 40 people. Campsites are great places to throw parties – $15 a night for your tent and you have all the space in the world for a large party, including a swimming pool. Much cheaper than a hotel and conference room and the air is fresher.

Great to see friends we had only met on the internet like Scotty Miller (far left) and his family. Thanks for those of you who came out to see us and hung out.

When we first came to Texas in 1998, we stayed in our tent at the state park. We are still camping in the same tent.


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  • so good to finally meet you, Debbie and the kids. our first time camping as a family was such an awesome time.
    i hope you are enjoying your travels.
    Heather and Mikah say hello to everyone.

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