Wooooo . . sorry for that long delay.

We are in Moreno Valley, California for a few days. My wifes parents live here and our kids get to hang wiht their grandparents for a few days.
Today we helped and organized their garage sale. Got rid of some big stuff and that will help their upcoming move.

We just spent a few days at the Emergent Gathering – w estayed longer than expected and didnt make it to the Bloggers Convention (apologies to those who wanted to connect with us. We also spent a night in Las Vegas on the way through.

Much to do and say but i will get it all down in DUE time.

Peace ou


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  • Glad to hear you guys made it to CA. i’ve been meaning to write some reflections on the Gathering myself – as well as from Doxology – but have been playing catch-up with work since our return.
    i’m also planning to have video of these events available online in the near future (and, of course, they will be in the proper format for all those new video iPods no one has yet!).

  • Hi Andrew. Holly and I really enjoyed getting to meet you and fam at the Emergent Gathering last week. I do hope you enjoy the album we left with you and hope to see you in the Orkney’s sometime soon!

  • Are you still in Moreno Valley?
    Were back in Riverside… recovering from a great week with friends including you an your family.
    It was great pizza, aye?

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