Themepunks: Cory’s Novel Starts Today

“You’re going to help Americans who lost their jobs in your factories buy goats and cellphones?”

“We’re going to give them loans and coordination to start businesses that use information, materials science, commodified software and hardware designs, and creativity to wring a profit from the air around us.”

Themepunks, Cory Doctorow

Starting today, Salon will be publishing a serialized version of Cory [BoingBoing] Doctorow’s novel “Themepunks” which is actually unfinished . . . but should be completed by the time the series ends. Look for it every Monday at over the next 10 weeks. The book reads like a remake of Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer‘, but is more relevant to today’s world.

I like Cory – met him last year at “Tech Active” and i follow what he is up to – especially his publishing ventures.

Warning: bad language and bombardment of advertising ahead – not sure which is worse. Makes me long for the good ol’ days of eBooks when you could pay some money, download your book and read it without a dozen corporate sponsors sitting down with you. Ahhhhhhh . . . . . . memories . ..

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