The Poor

From Pastor Mike:

“What is poverty? Not just locally, but in terms of our world. The globalrichlist gives a clear sense of what global poverty looks like. If you earn $50,000 Canadian a year the list will tell you that

You are in the top 3.75% richest people in the world. There are 5,774,782,608 people poorer than you.

If the hermeneutic of the emergent church is mission, then its praxis must be centered around welcoming and serving the poor – not just the poor in spirit [how easily we rationalize this] but the economically poor.”

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  • Thanks for the post. This is so crucial. For myself, it was the poor that drew me to emergent. Living where we do (my current neigbours include a group of skin heads, a pimp and several prostitutes, a crack house, slum housing, though also amazing people of all varieties), I needed a theology and praxis that could respond to the realities of the poor.
    Again, thanks for the post.

  • How rich are you?

    Ever wondered just how privileged you are? The Global Rich List will compare your annual income to everyone elses and tell you how many people earn more or less than you do. FWIW, my new job apparently puts me in the top 3.93% of people on the …

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