More on the USA Trip

Here is some more info about our plans and the family road trip.

We arrive in Texas Oct 5th and will be involved in Doxology in Houston. We may do some meetings in Dallas and Austin, and then, probably around Oct 11th, head off to New Mexico, Los Angeles, and then up to San Francisco and Portland Oregon by the 20th. There may be a group of us traveling – the alternative church caravan – and we will be stopping at key places along the way to encourage the emerging churches and catch up with everyone.

Then back to Texas for some more meetings, and fly over to Dublin for 2 days and then home to Scotland.

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

the house churches, cyber churches, invisible underground churches, the emergent/pomo churches, AND the traditional churches . . . because God is calling his WHOLE church to participate with Him in what he wants to do.

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season

and i repeat it once more

We want the emerging church in USA to enter into its new season . . . pray for us all that we can help God’s work move to the next level.

Rob Pepper and Shannon are already there in Austin getting things ready for the Doxology event in Houston – which i will tell you about next week. But take a look at Rob’s Doxology in Progress slide show.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • I really wish you could come to the Zoe Conference in Nashville Oct 7-8. It looks like you’ll be absorbed into something else.
    What you would find at the Zoe Conference is a group of 1200-1500 American Restoration people trying hard to find out what is happening in the emerging culture, the emerging church and what might their position be in all of this.
    It is interesting to see the emerging church emerging from so scattered a place. How ever could the “same thing” arise in so many different places, so many unlikely places, and point in the same direction?
    Anyway, I hope your USA trip is wonderful.

  • yes… portland! We have hospitality to offer if you need 🙂 Would also love to buy you a tall, skinny drink of your choice at the local starbucks (I think there’s one around here…)

  • Dang it! I was going to try and be the first one to nab you in Portland – that’s what I get for going to a meeting on creating small groups rather than spending all my time on bloglines: where *are* my priorities?!!? 🙂 🙂
    But in all seriousness, there’s some folks in Newberg (or Nerdberg as my friends call it) who’d love to provide hospitality or connect with you if time allows. Please let me know if we can be of any aid.

  • hey – we love portland and want to do something there. newberg also. I stayed there once.
    something? but not an impersonal meeting in a church building.
    pizza party in a home sounds good.
    bob hyatt has been talking about a name change for the emerging church. i wonder if we could do something around that theme?

  • Andrew, please let me know where you’ll be in San Francisco, and how you are traveling to Portland. E-mail if you like.

  • pork store cafe (haight) and crapevine (inner sunset) but dont know yet about the official meeting.
    we should be driving up to portland

  • if some people would like to get together in PDX, I know of a couple of possibilities-
    one is the pub we meet in (though we are moving in October from the Lucky Lab on the west side to the Lucky Lab on the east side). Big rooms to use in both spaces that could easily and quickly be arranged.
    The other is one of our community houses in North Portland (where hospitality is offered! Big house on a double lot suitable for many people coming together and enjoying each other’s company 🙂

  • Will you be in Seattle at all? I would love to touch base with you while in Portland if you are not going to be in Seattle. I am SURE that there are plenty of people here in Seattle that would love a small talk time.

  • any specific plans while in dublin? you’re not doing any speaking or anything, are you? would love to meet up for a coffee or meal if you had time…

  • Yes, are you headed Seattle-way? If not, some of us in this area could carpool down to Portland, thus avoiding the small loan needed for gas…

  • if you seattle people can get a quorum, i could probably make the trip up from portland.
    why dont you talk to each other and get back to me?
    do they have any decent coffee up there?

  • If you guys are driving up 101 you’re going to be going right through my town… If it’s a decent hour of the day, I’d like to get the kids some ice cream and the adults some coffee… My house if you have time, or elsewhere if not.
    Let me know.

  • OMG!
    i cannot wait to see you guys! let me know if there is anything i can do… i’ll try my best to help with what resources i have!!
    and ps, would you be interested in possibly teaching at our church planting school?

  • yay! i sure hope we get to see you guys when you come through portland, we’ll try and keep up with what’s going on here.
    you can meet little tekoah, she is seven months old to-day.

  • tim
    look forward to seeing you and Xea and the baby. hope you guys are well.
    . hey – did you read my last post about mixing the song – your’e a dj – any chance you could come up with something?

  • I would love to see you make it up to Seattle– so if you’re looking for one more person to justify the trip up, count me as two people (I’m large!)
    Or, I’ll try to make the trip down to meet up when you’re with Bob and company.

  • Hey – have a great trip to the US. I don’t know if you have already, but could you update on finances for your trip? Here’s hoping the effects of Rita don’t stop you!

  • yes – i will do a new post today or tomorrow and give the skinny on the trip
    thanks for asking
    quick answer now – the money came in for the plane tickets and someone is paying for a rental minivan.
    that is soooo cool and we are very grateful.
    all we need now is some gas money and some back yards along the way to put up our tents.

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