Grace Grinders

“There is a kind of writing, preaching, and talking about grace that instead of offering grace and extolling the goodness of God, seems to use grace as the backhand of God that is used to grind humans into the ground as it talks about grace. I’m having a hard time being gracious about this.”

Scot McKnight gets AGRO [update: “emotional” is more accurate than agro] on a blog post on “grace grinding” which is also seeing a lot of action on Jollyblogger. I have never heard Scot raise his voice before.

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“These people can’t talk about grace without emphasizing that we are wretches; they can’t read Yancey’s What’s So Amazing…? without saying it isn’t the whole story; they can’t preach obedience without saying this isn’t works; they can’t talk about grace without talking about all those who are on their way to hell; they can’t preach love without showing holiness is behind it all; they can’t talk about grace without reminding us that it is all for God’s glory and that God didn’t have to do this and that we ought to consider ourselves lucky. . . ”

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Well, I may have to raise my voice if I can’t figure out what “AGRO” means. It took me forever to figure out what “HT” meant.
    But, thanks for posting this. I have another one up, but I fear it has brought some of the worst out of some people.

  • andrew says:

    no no … its a great post
    and agro is australian for “Aggressive”, characterized by a famous puppet on tv called “Agro”

  • David Wayne says:

    Yeah, it’s getting lots of action alright, not the kind of action I was hoping for. I hope Scott and I can still be friends when this whole thing passes.

  • Andrew,
    I’ve made my grace grinding more concrete today with some examples:
    I hope this is not too AGRO!

  • andrew says:

    how about EMOTIONAL? thats a better word than AGRO.
    we bloggers write and write and write and there is no end to the writing of blogs .. . but every once in a while someone gets emotional and drops the facade of professionalism and just says whats on their mind
    and then its worth reading
    and thats what i noticed – so did david wayne – and others
    i wish we could write like that

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