Blogging Rita?

Stuck in Houston for the weekend? Praying for your ADSL connection to withstand the storm so that you can blog? . . You’re an idiot. . . .but you are not alone. . . and i would probably be doing it with you.

Houston Chronicle says Stormwatchers could use your help. HT: Hugh

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  • mike says:

    We live south of Houston & the wife & kids have made it out safely but with the miles of traffic (Some places are taking 10-11 hours to move 10 miles), change of direction & weakening of Rita, the lyrics from an old Clash song are bouncing through my head…”Should I stay or should I go?”

  • John says:

    I think a lot of people are in that position of staying or going. My parents and extended family arrived at my home today (Thursday)and the roads through my town headed from Houston to Dallas/Ft. Worth are packed. We live 1.5 hours NW of Houston and there is no bottled water, grocery shortages, and no expected deliveries until Sunday at the earliest. Seems like everyone is housing someone from Houston around here.

  • Tlaking about storm watching: check out these amazing photos my Aunt sent me of Katrina

  • joeturner says:

    Sorry Mike, as I posted on your blog, these are fakes.
    That is, they are storms, but not Katrina.
    They were made by this guy:
    click on 2004 and look down the bottom of the page.

  • jennifer schmid says:

    i am an evacuee of katrina here in lafayette la.,just barely missed rita . i have met tons of people in this here town that were either in the superdome or were on a bridge over man said he prayed to God and Gods presence literaly surronded him and his family….jesus spoke to him the whole time assuring him he would be out….its not about color its about who you know in these times and who knows you! do we know him?…man! the chrunch is on! seach us o God know us that we can stand!

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