If Pat Robertson had a blog . . .

If Pat Robertson had a blog, he might have shared his thought of assassinating Hugo Chavez with a select group of listeners and commentors for feedback. And if that feedback was negative, as I assume it would have been . . . he could have decided to pull out early and change his mind, rather than going public with an untested and potentially divisive idea. And so I said in my seminar on blogging on Monday.

But he didn’t have a blog

and he didn’t test his idea

and he didn’t pull out early.

As for me, I have visited Venezuela a few times and spent about a month of my life there. Its quite a violent place – I have to admit – on arrival to Caracas we got into a fist fight with some guys . . .

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The subject of violent disagreement was the fact that their hands were inside our backpacks and they had just relieved us of our money. And we felt that they should give it back. Which they did, after Mauricio encouraged one of them with much persuasion. The guy with his arm in my bag was too young for me to beat on him and so I held on to him tightly and gave him a mean look while he . . . repented. After they handed over what they had stolen, we let them run off.

But Venezuela is a great country and we spent much time with the churches to help strengthen them to be lights in a dark city. I heard that many years later, they were still involved with projects that started. A small impact, perhaps, but more congenial than taking out their president.

Mike McNicols has a good article in the latest Next Wave on why Pat Robertson does not represent the majority Christian view of how to bring change in Venezuela. Its called “Thank You, Pat Robertson”. Mike, who just got back from another trip to Venezuela, gives the skinny on Chavez . .

“Hugo Chavez is an interesting fellow. Prior to his election as president he was sitting in jail as the result of a failed coup attempt. As the story goes, he underwent a dramatic conversion experience, emerging from prison as a follower of Jesus. Even today his weekly televised speeches (which go on for hours) are often peppered with scriptural references. At the same time, Chavez dances with socialism, anti-Americanism and a struggling semi-free-market system. It makes for pretty wild politics and an uncertain economy”. Full article.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Having travelled throughout Venezuela myself, I have a deep love for the country. While in Merida, a friend & I exited a beautiful cathedral, only to find our selves standing between two raging crowds of opposing protestors. They were held back by police, but as we stepped into the centre, the lines broke. I’ve never run faster in my life!
    I don’t think Chavez is an ideal leader for the country, however, I think SOME of the socialism he dances is not so bad (I am Canadian, after all), his anti-Americanism can be understood on some counts, etc. Complex issues…

  • Andrew, what a horrible post! Pat Robertson was calling for the assasination of a democratically elected leader because his policies are anti-American. Pat had some feedback already, it is called the Ten Commandments. Jim Wallis was correct in his Sojo Mail commentary that Robertson has confused American conservativism with Christianity and I think he should know that before he said anything or needed a blog audience to say that. Does Paul Martin in Canada have to worry about the same thing because Fox News sees us as anti-American too? Robertson knows better but has confused American interests with the Bible.

  • I was born in Venezuela. My extended family is all there and I have heard first hand stories of Chavez. He is trying to readdress many wrongs in the country. However, he is making the mistake of “populism”…he wants to sell his views to the victims of political injustice. The biggest seller of all is to be a bully and make a stand against the biggest guy in the block…Uncle Sam. It is sad when people like Pat Robertson speak in utter ignorance of the facts that politics is mostly about convenience and not convictions. Since he is perceived as a spokesman for Jesus by; Pat brings tears to the eyes of the one who called us to “love our enemies”

  • Alex says:

    Pat Robertson’s an extremist, just like muslim has the terrorist problem and christians has Pat Robertson.
    If you’re serious about Pat Robertson, please visit this link to let him hear what you have to say: http://www.righteouschicken.com/calling.html?sindex=136

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