Furlough in USA

We are planning to return to USA for 6 weeks. Sep 27 – November 7

It has been 5 and a half years since we left USA to come to Europe and we need to reconnect, give reports, obtain the right visas for reentry into Europe, and ask for some support for the future.


The kids are really excited – they have not seen their homeland for 5 and a half years and one of our kids (Tamara, on the right) was born in Prague and has never been to USA. They will see their grandparents in Riverside County, California which will be a highlight of their trip. I will be in Africa for part of that time (Sep 1 – Sep 8)

We do need some help. Read on . ..

1. A house or apartment in Texas for a month (Oct 14-Nov 7)

2. Airfare to get us there. Someone has already offered $1000 but another $4000 is needed. (email me)

3. A vehicle for our time in LA and for Texas. We could always rent one with 7 seats, but its worth asking.


I hope to be speaking a few times, but honestly, my wife and kids will hate me if i am flying around to speak at churches the whole time so this will be really limited. We will also take 2 weeks off for holiday. But you can email and ask anyway to speak at your church or event. We will give preference to churches in Texas or Southern California where we can come as as whole family.

What’s a furlough?

Good question. Sorry to use “mission-speak”. Its a period of time when a missionary family return to their base to share the vision, connect, get reoriented and show slides of sunsets and embarrass their kids. Most missionaries come back after 4 years and stay from 3-6 months.

What’s a missionary?



Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mark says:

    Oh. I thought you were Scottish. Or Australian. lol
    You know this showed up twice in the XML feed?

  • andrew says:

    hi mark
    my wife is American and so are my 5 kids. But one daughter was born in Australia when I was pastoring a church there, and another born in Prague.
    I was born in New Zealand but left at age 17 for Australia. I left Australia at 21 to be a missionary in Asia, Europe and Latin America.
    We have spent about 10 years in USA as a family and it has been our home base since 1987.
    All terribly confusing . .. my apologies.

  • Susan says:

    Please come and stay with us when you’re on this side of the ocean. We appreciate your ministry and your lives.

  • andrew says:

    thanks susan . .. now move to Texas before september . .

  • Tom Allen says:

    Hope you get what you need – we are scraping together for our hols as well – lovely to read the word furlough again – not much used by PC mission agencies these days – but a feature of my childhood with wonderful memories of grandparents

  • John Deisher says:

    If you are interested in speaking to a group of university students in College Station, Texas (home of Texas A&M and Blinn College) on a Friday night while you are back, let me know.

  • Matt says:

    Will you be at the Emergent Gathering in NM on October 10-13?

  • Tom says:

    Where will you be in Africa? If you come to South Africa then you’ll have a place to stay.

  • I see you’re getting lovebombed, Andrew, but if you find yourself in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor, pls let me know and we’ll throw down a pint!

  • we just got done fitting 13 people in our apartment, and when everyone is gone there will be us remaining five. Its a small place, but if you need it its all yours here in dallas. we’ll keep a look out on rental deals and possible borrowing privlages for you all on the vehicle situation. and of course you have the prayers for a safe and unstressful journey.

  • On behalf of those residing in the Oak Grove Abbey, I (Sean) would like to extend the invite to you and your fam if you happen to be in or near Austin TX during your American stint. Here are some of the perks:
    -minutes from several parks
    -a great deck
    Not to mention a participating in our daily rhythms. O ya – we tell stories and throw parties, too.
    Hope to hear from you.

  • Brian O'Connell says:

    Hey Andrew
    I know Seattle is not on the way to anything, but let me know if something develops here. We’d be happy to host ya as well as put together some additional speaking/meeting/partying opportunities. Mars Hill Graduate School could use you, too.

  • Daniel Baker says:

    If you still need a place in Texas (Dallas area) let me know. I will get a nice hotel for your family and take you all out to eat. Cant promise lodging for the whole time but will do what I can. Or if you have a place to stay we will take you out to eat to make up the difference. Just trying to say we will help however we can.

  • Daniel Baker says:

    Tom, (South Africa)
    I am coming to Swaziland in October on a missions trip…Are you anywhere near there?

  • Dogwood says:

    Do you do any real work? Where can I get a job like yours?

  • andrew says:

    we needs lots of missionaries around the world like us but its a lot harder than it sounds and the sacrifices are huge – more than most families or couples can stand
    but if you do what we have done for 20 years, then you might get a job like ours
    but maybe you would rather pursue a career. we are in our early 40’s and do not own property, do not have any savings, no retirement, no insurance
    are you willing to make that kind of committment – and will you (have you already) find a spouse that could sacifice to the same level?
    could your kids handle the travel and insecurity of your support money running out each month
    its a lot to ask – and if you can do anything else, go ahead and do it
    but if God has put the nations on your heart adn you are willing to crucify any ambitions for His plan for your life, then ask me again and i will suggest some ways to get into a job like ours.

  • Dave Lynch says:

    Interesting…what is a missionary? and how do they differ from Apostles?

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