Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Potter BookWe waited at Borders Books in Inverness until 12:01am on Friday night so that Samuel could buy the latest installment – Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince”. Haven’t done anything that silly since we waited for Star Wars (1999) outside a Chicago movie theatre in our Winnebago until it opened just after midnight. Sometimes you just have to BE THE FIRST!

Scott Moore of Baylor University told everyone why he was looking forward to Harry Potter and recommended that parents read the series with their children. Well . . . I am looking forward to get the book off my kids so that I can finish reading it. We discussed the first Harry Potter book alongside Moses and his stick (Exodus). When the second Harry Potter book came out, I had him read the Book of Daniel and we drew comparisons. Now this one is in the house and I am trying to find the time to read it – Anyone else read Number 7 yet?


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  • John says:

    Number 6… 🙂
    And, no, not yet – we have to wait for our friends to finish before we can borrow it!
    pax et bonum

  • amber says:

    yay, a kindred spirit! did the same (waited in line at midnight) at the Borders in downtown portland (even though the book is in plentiful supply everywhere). to be one of the first was a silly and therefore fun experience. i got it for my grandpa whose birthday was the day of the release. he said he’ll hurry and read it so i can dive in.

  • Isaac says:

    Just got it…will read on my way to Poland and Germany…Got any “must do this” in Krakow or Frankfurt?

  • Dan-D from Canada says:

    Just finished it today. Wow. I can only say one thing: didn’t see that one coming. You guy (and gals) will love it. Or hate it.

  • andrew says:

    issac – no – krakow is cool and has (i think) the largest public square in europe (or one of them) i would walk around it wearing a John Paul 11 skull cap on my head.

  • vicki says:

    I picked it up Saturday morning at the grocery store while shopping for supplies for vacation. I didn’t think it would be that easy to get. I finished it and really liked it. I finished it three days. My hubbie was surprised that it took me that long.

  • Dan-D from Canada says:

    To everyone who finished it – did you see that coming? (no spoilers please, the lightweights’ll get upset).

  • Mark says:

    my wife and i got it from the library two days ago and read it together – no, i didn’t see it coming either. both of us loved it though. it seriously is a piece of literature masquerading as a children’s series.

  • Dan-D from Canada says:

    I actually jumped up and down when I read the end. I’m serious. How much of a nerd am I?

  • Travis says:

    Yeah, I read it in two days, and I did have a strong (and accurate) feeling about the ending. Great book!

  • Just finished it moments ago. Felt confident of the ending and was largely correct. I also have a STRONG idea about the next books, which I think is hinted at in this one. Anyone willing to discuss it can feel free to email me, as I’d hate to post it as a spoiler. Peace!

  • I picked it up in KMart as I walked in. Read it in the next 24 hours. If you’re looking for Biblical parallels I’d pick Jesus and Judas Iscariot to start with.

  • andrew jones says:

    hey – thanks all for not spilling too much of the plot
    i am still waiting to read it – my son finished it but now my wife is reading it and i am waiting for her . .

  • What a great idea–reading the magical stories of the Bible alongside Harry Potter. I can totally see some fun conversations arising out of that. I’ve been discussing the books with my kids in the context of Gandalf, but I hadn’t yet made the leap from Dumbledore to Moses. Awesome stuff!

  • Lorna says:

    thanks for no spoilers 🙂
    I started reading it TO my teenage kids tonight. Chapter 1 is sensational.
    I love it that even at 15 and 13 they want that we do this book together, as we did the others. Cool kids what? 🙂

  • snara says:

    i liked it v much n got so involvedthad i cried when i was readin g about dumbledors death.

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