Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking

SjbThe Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking: Recipes and Traditions from Jesuit Bakers Around the World, by Rick Curry

What a great book! Its much more than just 80 recipes for bread. The book is a journey into the history of bread and its relationship to the Body of Christ and the companions [“with bread”] of Jesus, as well some spiritual rhythms to transform the kitchen into an altar. I have always had a deep respect for the Jesuit priests and brothers, for their example of contextual ministry, for their scholarship and their holistic view of seeing the spiritual value of mundane tasks . . . like kneading bread, or washing dishes.

I would recommend any student who comes up here to Suddenly Seminary to read this book and then join me in the kitchen.


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  • Wes Roberts says:

    …I bring the grain and grind the flour. And we will have fresh butter, won’t we when the goods come out of the oven? Good post today…within our harried world. Thank you.

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