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UPDATE: Ok – short announcement and i will fill it out later. I am waiting for the Germans for confirmation on some things.
In a sentence. The roundtable will take place at the Jesus Freaks Freakstock Festival AUGUST 4-6 near Efurt, Germany. The theme will connect with the underground nature of the church. We expect about 50 pople including leaders from 30 countries, and i am making space for one critic.
The name? we are waiting for the Germans to confirm. I am pushing for “Gemeinschaft” (fellowship/church). More soon.

ORIGINAL POST: Tomorrow I will be announcing the location and theme of this years Emerging Church Roundtable for . . well we are still talking about a name for it but . . . tell you tomorrow.

But i can tell you that we are inviting countries to put forward a leader who can speak on behalf of the emerging church for what God is doing among the emerging culture, the underground ministries, the new expressions of church in your country. We are limiting it to ONE SINGLE LEADER and expecting about 30 countries to participate.

You could help by emailing me with someone you would recommend to represent your country. And as yet, we do not have funding so they will have to get themselves to Germany . . ooppppsss i have said too much already.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Hey Andrew, can I check something? In previous years, there has been more informal gatherings/installations/events/happenings which have occurred alongside the more formal roundtables (like Derek & Amy’s wedding at the Giant Peach, or the fabulous house in Austin TX)- is anything like that going to happen as well as the more formal ONE SINGLE LEADER roundtable thingamajig? It feels like it’s been far too long since we all got to hang out…

  • andrew says:

    hi abigail
    this also will be at a large gathering. 7000 are expected at Freakstock festival.

  • Well I was about to nominate myself until you mentioned that thing about having to pay my own travel costs, so, um, never mind. 🙂

  • ella says:

    “But i can tell you that we are inviting countries to put forward a leader who can speak on behalf of the emerging church for what God is doing among the emerging culture, the underground ministries, the new expressions of church in your country.”
    one single person who can do that?
    this makes me nervous.
    i’m always astonished by what i hear is happening in the emerging church in my country. i rarely recognise my experience of it within the description at all… and it gets pretty lonely when that keeps happening. my experience has been / is positive… just very different to the dominant picture.
    the traditional church has always structured itself so only the dominant story is heard. please let us work hard at finding a different way of having conversations.
    and i’m sure you’ve thought of this and are guarding against it… just wanted to wave a hand in caution…

  • andrew says:

    yes . . . i see that hand!!
    thanks – absolutely agree and we will watch for tha!

  • mark says:

    Hey Andrew… Thinking about a name, Gemeinschaft seems a little bit boring for german ears… But a more important thing Freakstock is not in July it happens in August! Greetings MARK

  • Boltono says:

    Why this obsession (and it is that) with “leaders” having to be “recognised” and used to solidify God’s work into yet another and another and another religious system of man? It’s so passe…dead boring! Emphasis on dead.
    Alternative to it? Yes. LEADING without leaders by the H Sp. New stuff coming down. No need for “leaders” as we have known it previously. Tradition-bound thinking fall away!

  • christa says:

    Hi Andrew. I’ve been reading your blog for a month or so now, and I wanted to say that you have been fantastically helpful in deepening my understanding of the emerging church. I am currently writing my masters thesis on the emerging church at TEDS (not under the supervision of anyone who has already written a book on the subject), and I want to able to describe– and interact with– this whole conversation/friendship in a way that is faithful to and representative of you guys– and helpful to other people who are still wanting to know more about all of this (this category includes my profs, parents, and lots of friends) and don’t have the time to do all the research themselves. I was wondering if you could direct me to any sources that would help me familiarise myself better with the global emerging church…. I’ve checked out Sivin Kit’s site, but my appetite has only been whetted… Thanks so much, Andrew.

  • darlarama says:

    grüss dich! I am jumping up and down that post-modern worship will have a significant recognition in Germany. Ummm…it exists elsewhere in the country? The time has come, indeed. I am working on my ethnomusicology master’s and have a particular interest in post-modern musical worship. My husband and I are musicians and professors living in southern Germany and would love to be in on the discussion. Any chance it’s open? And about the traditional church in Germany…no worries. All bark. The worst thing to happen is a seminar in their town teaching on the dangers of “Sekts” and .

  • darlarama says:

    oops…as I was writing…and very few will attend. All bark. I would love to know who the leader is from Germany? Again…an expression of the post-modern church exists in Germany? Not in the south, surely…but it is time!

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