Live 8 : Long Walk to Justice

Edinburgh – Live 8 Rally and the Long Walk To Justice

Live8“Following the Live 8 concerts on July 2, tens of thousands of people will be travelling to Scotland with a sense of great responsibility as we walk the last mile to justice. By the eve of the G8 summit – Wednesday 6 July in Edinburgh – there will be thousands upon thousands of committed people in Scotland’s capital – this will be the world’s last opportunity to say to the G8 – ‘be bold, be historic, be magnificent. Tomorrow, you can actually take the steps to make poverty history. Are you for or are you against? It’s make your mind up time.” Link

I am considering coming to Edinburgh to be a part of this event. Anyone else thinking about it? Could we do this together? Under what or whose banner can we meet? We would need to secure campsite accommodation really quickly on this. Any churches out there in Edinburgh that could put up a large group of people coming to pray, love, and speak by their presence and podcasts?

Also – which bloggers will be gathering or participating in the Live 8 Concerts in 5 cities? Whose got the skinny?

If we organized something in Edinburgh, how many would come – email me – don’t bombard me with comments.

Sounds like a pilgrimage to me. U2 are involved, of course.



Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mark says:

    Working for the Police, and as one of the poor buggers who’ll be affected by this all, can I ask you all to Behave? Or to bugger off up to Gleneagles…
    [disclaimer: blah blah blah not Polis views]

  • Are the Police reforming for the show? Great!

  • jonah says:

    hey hey
    I saw on the 24-7 site that the guys up in Edinburgh are going to be setting up a prayer room to coincide with the G8 Summit, the march and Live 8.
    More info here:
    or email Anneleen:
    I’m sure they’d be happy to welcome and and all comers…

  • What date/s are you thinking of being in Edinburgh? The Re:source publicity has you down to be in Birmingham on July 2nd – has the Skinny mastered, if not Omnipresence, at least bi-presence?! I’m impressed 😉
    (Thanks for the recent mention, by the way. “Update” was a generous description! Funny the flak it attracts, though…)

  • andrew says:

    i like to multi-task. besides, the 2nd is when the concerts happen and i might be driving north with the poverty pilgrims a few days later.

  • paul T says:

    hiya kiwi min- greetings to all – big welcome aaye – but nae ‘under banners’ emerging chums please – cheers!
    there are loads of us here already – across diverse networks who are well involved in many different scenes here ((;-)) – justice-citywide prayer, arts, electronic music, we are native to the volcano; seeded into the wiring of the place … challenging, bending, inspiring scotland and the G8 to grab its job in ending the blasphemy of 21C poverty on a global scale – with mad just energy of Christ rattling through the land, our bellys our words and our creative acts—- ((;-0 look forward to catching up with some of ya

  • cindz says:

    sounds cool andrew! will you bring the fam? might be a nice place to start liz’s pilgrimage? might meet you there? i get back from romania on july 3rd and was gonna head up to collect liz anyway, but edinb sounds like it could be a goer…

  • andrew says:

    hi cindz
    yes – looks like a plan – we have already booked space at a camping gorund and should have enough tents for everyone

  • Tom says:

    There’s a prayer room running day+night all week in the Salvation Army HQ, (ask for: the Pleasance (it’s a road)). That anyone is welcome to.
    But yeah generally this is about being part of something massive, come join the crowds.
    Don’t have a house just now but if I did you could all come and stay!

  • rob graham says:

    im 16 and im planning on getting to Edinburgh somehow. Geldof is an absolute legend and my idol.
    Please please everyone go to Edinburgh and togheteher we can actualy do something that will never be forgotten by history… and you can say you were there!

  • Janet says:

    I would like more information as to where this walk starts and finishes.

  • Robbie says:

    I got tickets for live 8 in Hyde Park and am planning on trekking to Edinburgh either by foot car or whatever means of transport i can find. I advise you to do the same as together we can make poverty history and we can finally stand up and we can be counted as the generation that made a difference and said “enough was enough”

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