Hanging with Mission Geeks

Ok. I got my wifi on.

We are having a good time geeking out on strategy and mission talk and prayer. Here are the bloggers among us. Reinhold Scharnowski (Switzerland), Marc Van der Woude (Netherlands), Andreas Wolf (Germany). Si Johnston is also around and will ferry over to Orkney with the group.

And I am feeling a lot better – almost 100% I had to sleep a lot and use the wet and dry saunas here at the hotel (feel sorry for me?)

How geeky? Well, we will continue our strategic talks, important and world changing as they are, despite the All Blacks vs England/Ireland Lions rubgy game going on. Thats how geeky.

However, Si (from Belfast) is nowhere to be found.


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  • Did you guys get to participate in Jesus Revolution 2002 in Aberdeen? Pretty amazing what happened there and how the head of the city really endorsed it. You guys think you could organize an event like that for aberdeen?

  • Do keep up your work. I am a 52 yer old pastor waking up to what’s happening in the church. Your voice is so important. It’s more than technology and big events, it’s your ecclesiology that brings such fresh air. Have you read Friedman’s “The World Is Flat?” I think it fits in.

  • andrew hi! just checking in that you are ok with everything for birmingham on saturday?… my mobile is 07957639393 if you can give me a call when you have a moment

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