“Everything Emergent is Good For You”

This is the title of the talk I am searching for from Steven Johnson, author of “Emergence” and speaker at Demos last week. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

I bought Steven’s book “Emergence” a long time ago and regretted that the book did not really cover blogs. Steves new book “Everything Bad is Good For You” does indeed cover blogging (probably in a lightweight fashion) and i will order it shortly, assuming it will be another good book to hand out to those who want to know about popular culture and emergent theory. [I MIGHT BE MISTAKEN]
Details of Steven’s recent speech is at Jemstone66 and Kottke.org has good links and commentary.

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  • You should check out his book ‘Interface Culture’. Wounderful book about the development of the information space and the interface. And he predicts the development of the blogs.

  • I happened upon a pre-published copy of this book a few months ago. I predict it will do well. It is consciously trying to go after the crowd that buys Gladwell and the Wisdom of Crowds. I liked it, but not as much as those books.
    Interesting premise and argument. Interesteing way to look at stuff (as a contrarian, I liked that). But, it did not blow me away like Gladwell’s books did.
    Just me though.

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