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Invitations go out next week to the Global Emerging Church Roundtable to be held in Gotha, Germany at the Freakstock Festival. I am really excited about this one because it brings the focus back to the underground countercultures that gave the emerging church its start in so many counties.

We are expecting about 50 leaders and representatives from 30 countries. The dominant group will be German which is great  – the Germans have so much to offer and teach us. I am always impressed when i go there. (Last April I spoke at Kubik)

The name of the roundtable was decided by Mirko and the other Germans like it..

… "gemeinschaft" has a cool meaning – or "gemeinde" also … but as mark posted in your blog – it sounds boring. since a few days, i like the word "gefährten" – the german title from "the fellowship of the ring" was "die gefährten (des ringes)" so my suggestion is: "die.gefährten" – maybe mark has a better idea – he is also german 🙂 and cooler than me 😉

We already have representatives and leaders from USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, UK, Middle East, and a lot of possibilities from European countries (if i can convince their denominations or mission groups to buy them a train ticket). There are some spaces available if you know of someone who is impassioned for their country, has won the trust of the institutions, and is already starting or empowering others to start new contextual forms of ministry in the emerging culture, then let me know with an EMAIL.

You can pray for those who are coming – that it will be a time of understanding the times, and sensing God’s heart for what needs to happen. There will be teaching and training over 2 days so pray for those teaching. Trevor MacPherson from Vancouver, will be there also. There will be NO COST for the roundtable (thanks to JesusFreaks and BOAZ) but it is strictly invitation only and delegates will have to get their own transport figured out. But anyone can come and have a really fun time at Freakstock with about 6000 – 7000 young people freakin out over Jesus with bad haircuts and loud music.  There is a fee for those just attending the festival but it is very reasonable and scalable for Eastern European countries. More later.

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  • andrew jones says:

    hey – we have postponed this event until next year – 2006 – a lot of leaders could not make it and a years planning will make a better event next year.

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