Hell on Other Blogs

Today’s discussion on hell is happening on other blogs as well as my previous post. Check them ALL out.

Jordon has a brief outline of Brian’s points.

Jen Lemen has a lively friendly chat.

Dwight Friesen has Brian getting personal.

Paradoxology starts with the Old Testament

Postmusings(sorry) Pomomusings discusses the the difference it makes to our lives.


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  • POSTmusings….are you saying I’ve gone BEYOND musings??? What?? It was because of the Hula Girl and Jesus and McLaren banner wasn’t it…?

  • sorry adam
    a pre-coffee mistake, post – pomo – those come up all the time.
    hey – love the hula girl. I have a roll along Jesus like that and i think i have a Moses.

  • Let’s talk about Hell!

    As you know, I care about the doctrine of Hell. Dangerous, difficult, and tempting stuff that. The Emergent end of the blogosphere is hanging on every word Brian McLaren and his book The Last Word and the Word After That has to offer, and are giving i…

  • a poll not to answer because “hell” is not defined.
    hell = eternal flames with (non?-)conscious punischment
    hell = vanishing of eternal existece
    hell = a nasty pre-death life without spiritual satisfaction????
    i vote 1 if the last is meant

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