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I said a few weeks ago that i didn’t like the present definition of Emerging Church on Wikipedia. I had been recommending it to large organizations and Foundations as the best definition out there. But when i looked at it recently . . .. well . .. i was shocked . . .“An enemy has done this!” i thought to myself. All of a sudden it was about being protestant, english speaking, postmodernist theology-changing rebels who all lived in America. Ma Genoito [may it never be) Others must have agreed with me and said the same thing. The page now has a “Disputed” sign on it and people are changing it.


Not me – i dont have time. If you want to help add some definition and direction to what used to be a good desciption (and should be again in a few days), then go to Wikipedia Talk and jump right in. When you get in there, give honor and preference to Dan Thomson who helped carve out much of the original definition. Thanks Stephen.


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  • Aaron says:

    Andrew, thanks for this. Hopefully, we will get it back in shape. I also used the definition a lot so what has been done caught my attention. Thanks for chiming in.

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