Beavis in my Crepe


This morning I cooked my usual Saturday morning crepes, and the remainder of the batter was poured out to make a small crepe for my daughter. When it was finished cooking . . . and i am not lying . . . behold! there was the face of Beavis from the infamous Beavis and Butthead. I am not making this up. What does it mean?


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  • Steve says:

    eBay it, man…eBay it.

  • does this mean that you are a butthead? 🙂

  • Roger says:

    too much free time….LOL!

  • Andrew Jones says:

    i already knew i was a butthead – no miraculous revelation there.
    and there is always time, roger, for making crepes on saturday morning . . . with free range eggs, full cream milk, creamy yellow butter and an honest white flour. Nothing like it!

  • joe kennedy says:

    i don’t see beavis, but i see a fish in the middle. but you SHOULD ebay it.

  • it means you watch too much TV

  • Does this mean long lines of pilgrims waiting outside your door, eager for a glimpse of the miraculous image? You could sell bits of batter from the original batch as holy relics and anoint the sick with syrup (pure maple of course; nothing less will do). We’ll start raising funds right away for the shrine to be built over the site of your kitchen.

  • Robert says:

    If you turn it just right, and then look at the darker section just right you can almost make out the face of St. Augustine, or maybe it’s Brian McLaren…

  • iggy says:

    Was this on an electric stove or did you use fire, fire, fire,…. hehehehe. yeah, fire!
    Breakin’ the law!
    Really it is like one of those ink tests… I see a pig. I see a puppy, I see a fluffy ball of fire…
    Todd’s cool…

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