Tamara’s birthday party today

Tamara3Tamara is celebrating her 3rd birthday party tonight, even though she turned 3 a week or so ago. We were traveling and it was more convenient to have it now with us all here. She is the most independent of our children – today she cooked her own macaroni!!!

Her big present? Two kittens named Bubble and Squeak.


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  • Aimz says:

    My daughter was like that too, very confident and happy to do things herself.

  • linda says:

    aw bless!

  • Shannon Hopkins says:

    the cat! the cat!
    i am sure those words are being giggled around your house. we missed her sheer delight with gizma in germany after you left. but anyway i am home now. tell tamara i said happy birthday!

  • brenda says:

    two kittens for a birthday present!! that is awesome!! happy birthday, tamara!

  • Sarah says:

    Tamara may this be your best fifth birthday.
    Imagine — you got the best two kittens.
    They will grow you up, and give the best kind
    of love. How they will play — and be not only
    best friends,but your whole world together. You
    couldn’t be more lucky,and they are too. Happy
    Birthday — to all of you.

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