SWIM: New Blogging Software

Swimlogo“It is Finished!” says Joshua Rudd on his blog. He is referring to SWIM, the info management + blogging software that he has just completed and is offering it free to private users.

Joshua and Kristin are good friends from Dallas, and Joshua is the only Christian blogger I know who started before me (he started RearViewWindow.com in 1996). As well as being involved in the emerging church scene, Joshua was a web designer and [a] creator of the official USA website for some weird Finnish phone company called Nokia. I look forward to seeing how the software works out.

UPDATE: read first comment (by Joshua) for a fuller treatment and inclusion of Dan Miller.


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  • Woah, hey. i can’t take that much credit! While i was blogging in 1996 and contracted with Nokia USA from 1997-99 as a production designer (and can’t take credit for their website), SWIM is the brainchild of one Daniel Miller (danielsjourney.com), who also happens to be my co-conspirator over at under[de]construction, LLC (underde.com).
    i began working on SWIM with Daniel last autumn, designing and developing the user interface and helping architect the features — but most of the credit and recognition should go to Daniel. SWIM was an idea he gave birth to some years ago.

  • Thanks Josh
    people who love you very much told me it was yours – i will edit the original post to reflect the updated info.

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