Jesus in Chinese Art

Circle of Pneuma in Australia has these great images from China of the life of Jesus.


These pictures: 1. Nativity and 2. The Woman at the Well.


UPDATE: I like these a lot better than Western images of Jesus.


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  • Phil Johnson says:

    Thanks for the link to my post on Jesus in Chinese Art. Much appreciated. I hope it stimulates some productive reflections about contextualisation. There are some marvellous opportunities for those with discerning eyes to reach beyond the walls of church ghettoes and interact at a very meaningful level with many of today’s adepts and devotees of alternate pathways.
    My blogs try to push the envelope a bit on the spiritual frontiers facing Christians.

  • Sivin says:

    as a Chinese (in Malaysia), I’ve always felt a close connection with paintings like these. I decided to us one for this week’s bulletin.

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