Ignorance and Division

Holly“What threw me for a loop was how so many folks did not equate the emerging church or emergent with being missional” More from Holly.


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  • Holly has an excellent post that we often ponder in our faith community. It seems that while emergent can be tough to nail down, many attempts at embodying the concepts of the emerging church network without a missional orientation can just lead to an attempt at being trendy.
    In addition, we can become caught up with the form and the work of the Lord, instead of the Lord of the work. If we wed the emerging church with a missional orientation, then we are much more likely to be driven by Christ and the broken heart that he creates in us, driving us to share the Gospel.
    Perhaps some of Carson’s critique of emergent misses out on this missional orientation?
    For the record, I tried to post a comment on Holly’s blog, but found out that I had to sign up for blogger in order to do so. Blogger really does stink!

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