France, Belgium, Germany

We drove through the night and spent a few hours sleeping in the Land Rover – all 8 of us. not much room, but the journey was pretty good. We arrived in Prague this afternoon after an hours wait at the border while they tried to figure out why we did not have a visa stamp from any of the countries. Of course it was because there is hardly any paperwork in France and Germany – you just drive through the border without a stamp . . . but a world without stamps is a little hard for the Czechs to swallow so we were told off for not getting stamped.



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  • Hello!
    I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching on google for the conversation of the Emergent Church in London. Well, you happened to have both on your blog so I continued to read. I am currently a student at Asbury college in KY, USA. I am going to be moving to London and studying at the London College of Fashion in the fall. I was googling this because I am learning about the postmodern faith. Your family sounds exactly like a family I was a nanny for in Glasgow Scotland a few years ago. I don’t know if you will ever have a chance to email back but, I was wondering if you know of any Emergent Churches in London.

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