Ears on Their Heads, But They Dont Hear

Bremer-Murray: I showed it to my daughter, and she couldn’t stop crying. She said, “It literally took my breath away, Mom. I can’t believe I’m crying like this.” And she’s not overly spiritual. It really affected me.

Di Sabatino: I’m amazed at the ability this has to reach out to people who are not really religious.

It’s like I was telling Connie: if people were exposed to more people like her and Lonnie instead of the Christians we see today in the mainstream media, there would be more Christians.

From Ears on Their Heads, But They Dont Hear, an interview with David Di Sabatino, creator of the movie Frisbee: The Life and Death of A Hippie Preacher. See the movie April 24th at Newport Beach Film Festival. (Hat tip : LitterallySpeaking)


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  • robbymac says:

    “The Quest For The Radical Middle: A History of the Vineyard”, is written by Vineyard pastor Bill Jackson and iis sold through the Vineyard’s online bookstore.
    David Di Sabatino has written an excellent article on the ministry of Lonnie Frisbee and his history with the Vineyard movement, which is included in this book, originally published in 1999.
    The Vineyard avoided mentioning Frisbee for years, it is true, but the inclusion of Di Sabatino’s article on Lonnie Frisbee in this book is an excellent and honest attempt to rectify this.

  • TallSkinnyKiwi: Ears on Their Heads, But They Dont Hear

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  • The life and death of a hippie preacher

    From The Lonnie Frisbee Project. What do you do when the Jesus freak who started your church dies from AIDS? Simple. Erase him from history. Controversial throughout his life and even after his death, the brief but dynamic life of

  • Ryan says:

    i have been trying to find the history of Lonnie fribee- could anyone help me find his story and those who knew him? Thanks
    my email is krl1000@aol.com

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