Darren Rowse: Pro-Blogger

We are very proud of Aussie Darren Rowse for being a great blogger, a downunder blogger, an emerging church blogger, a Pro-Blogger, . . . even a 6-figure Blogger. For the record, here is a typical years earnings for, lets say . .

Jordon Cooper of Jordoncooper.com $0

Andrew Jones of tallskinnykiwi.com – $0

Darren Rowse of LivingRoom and 16 other blogs – $100,000

$100, 000 ???????

The fact that he makes his living that way should not make us jealous. So don’t come on here and flame Darren for making money. People write for magazines and newspapers for a living, and Darren blogs. He blogs 25x a day, 7 days a week. And now he is teaching marketing folk how to be profitable. Go and read the article and if you want to make some money from blogging, then Darren will show you how on his newest blog ProBlogger.net


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Joe says:

    Fair play to him I reakon. If he attracts enough traffic to get $100,000 from affiliate programmes then he deserves it.

  • I met Darren last week at a Forge do (Al Hirsch, Mike Frost, et al, http://forge.org.au/) at the Retro Cafe here in Melbourne. The night was titled “Postcards from the Corporate World” and featured speakers (including Darren) on the subject of redeeming business as a legitimate calling or mission in itself. He spoke of his overwhelming joy at having mentored a bloke in India on blogging for bucks- and who recently reported his first paycheque of ten bucks, enough to feed his family for a day. I have been a fan of darren’s livingroom blog for some time and it was a treat to catch up in-person and have a chat.
    His associates are doing some very cool things, like a business they just launched in Colombo, Sri Lanka where they will employ local people to build electric-powered auto taxis (you know, those little 3-wheeled 2-stroke powered, pollution belching auto rickshaws) with the long range vision of cleaner air for Colombo, the auto-taxis being responsible for around 80% of local air-pollution…pretty cool, huh?

  • Darren Rowse says:

    thanks for the link Andrew and for those kind words Mike. Unfortunately not all see me starting a business in such positive light Mike – but I’m quite excited by the possibilities of doing something life giving through it.
    anyway – I need sleep. Thanks guys.

  • I was preparing a blog-post on Darren myself but i might as well throw my hands up and concede a Skinny 1, Rivertribe 0, score and let you know that there is a great mp3 download of an interview with Darren about his blogging business success over at easybake weblogs:
    it’s definitely worth a listen…may the skinniest man win.

  • Whoa! with a new blog header like that I haven’t got a hope..

  • Andrew says:

    like the header? took me about 5 minutes. i used to do a new one each month based on a photo from that month. i am trying to keep the tradition
    let me know if you need a new header and i will pump one out

  • I would be honoured to have you do a header for me…

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