As For Me And My Hi-Fi

Why buy an iPod when you can have a record player for less than a hamburger? My son is thrilled with his iPod Shuffle. He is the only iPod enabled person in my family. But as for me and my HI-FI, I still think my £2 Hitachi stereo is funner and the music is cheaper. My latest score at the yearly Boys Brigade Sale in Stromness this week was only 10p. Thats right . . . 10p!


Thats “Roving With The Seekers”, 1968. 10p gets me 12 tracks, each one totally rocking . . . (except Waltzing Matilda and Danny Boy). I also get the classic scratchy sound that the iPod has yet to produce. And when I convert it to MP3 with my Griffin iMic, I get to keep that old-skool static. Take away my two lame songs, and thats 1p a track – beating iTunes any day! And no guilt or fear from downloading questionable files from Russia.

Honestly, I don’t know what he sees in that stupid white stick of his. However, to be fair, my record player will be struggling to pick up my Podcasted message next week.


HifiSorting through the records is a lot of fun. Here are the records to buy from their respective countries:

USA – A curse on Jim Reeves!!. Go for James Brown. Sinatra is too cliche.

UK– Beatles is a little obvious. Go for Shirley Bassey or Tom Jones

Australia– Slim pickings. Go for The Seekers

NZ – I would kill for Split Enz’s laser etched “True Colours”

I also look out for 1960’s cheesy religious records, Gilbert and Sullivan operas (go for the multi-record box packages), black gospel for my Gospel Brunches, and of course, 80’s retro which sounds better under the needle.

Not all the records I buy are good deals. “Round At Callums” 1969, for example, which was also 10p, is actually a very lame record, despite the cool cover and those rockin’ kilts. I think I wasted my money on that one – no disrespect intended to Mr and Mrs Callum . . . and their lovely children.



Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Imagine says:

    WIth you all the way Skinny! My personal favourite vinyl plunder is a record called “Johnny Cash Sings Gospel” knicked from my dad’s collection. You just have to hear that man sing “Swing Low” with static too!…But I’m really just jealous of Ipods…

  • andrew jones says:

    ahhhh . . Cash is a given. no doubt. but hard to find.
    jim reeves is easier to find . . but who would want to?

  • slim pickings in australia indeed…
    heh, actually I’ve committed some cardinal sins as of late and used some old albums as placemats for candles and plates at the table…
    dont freak though, they were albums like Vanilla Ice and scratched T Rex albums…

  • Nothing like the sounds of good ol’ vinyl! How about some French music or some hot Latin beats! Adele

  • Nothing like the sounds of good ol’ vinyl! How about some French music or some hot Latin beats! Adele

  • Aimz says:

    oh I love records, I use to have some awful duran duran ones in my collection until I got some real taste in music lol. It’s weird though, people these days don’t even know what a record actually is.

  • the night we hooked up the turn table and pulled out the LP’s, our kids were psyched, and pretty amazed at how cool their folks were–we had aerosmith, queen, lynard skynard… our eldest daughter, then a jr in high school, called her friends to “come and see…” it was a raucous and memorable evening;)
    it amazes us that all those records we have schleped around for years fit on thier ipods and then some!

  • andrew jones says:

    yes . . . and interesting how much we despise CASSETTES!
    the old and the new
    the vinyl and the MP3
    nothing in between
    nothing lukewarm
    sounds a bit like the discussion we have been having about . . . .
    . . . . CHURCH!

  • Jeff J says:

    Here is my score from a garage sale 3 weeks ago…
    Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive
    Edgar Winter Group – They Only Come Out At Night
    Ted Nugent – Free For All
    Foreigner – 4
    Not too bad for $2 and they are all in pretty decent shape. They had a lot of Prog Rock and some disco, but that’s not my bag baby. Maybe Chic and maybe a little Donna Summer, but don’t tell anyone.
    btw, what am I gonna do with 600+ cassettes?

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