Mac, blog and photos

CC, Oklahoma: Andrew, Do you have any advice for a Mac user that wants to blog. I had problems trying to blog because the software was not Mac compatable to post pics and such. Blessings in carrying the Faith, CC

TSK: That’s easy. If you go with blogger, use as your photo uploader and manager. But if you fork out a few bucks a month, get and they will take care of all your image unloading and management needs. Have fun.


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  • Andrew, if you’ve got a minute, I’m having trouble figuring out where to place the html for the Google seach on my blog. I’m using Typepad with advanced templates. I’m just not sure which index to paste the html. And also do you know where the date color is stored? On another note, it was your blog that really inspired me both spiritually and the way my blog looks and feels, I hope you don’t mind. much Love. -TD

  • iPhotoToGallery

    Andrew Jones briefly answers a question about putting photos into your blog at : Mac, blog and photos. Both the suggestions cater for simple blogging – Blogger + Flickr or Typepad. (Flickr can be used with other blogging systems too…

  • hi trevor
    put the html in your sidebar 1 (left column) or your sidebar 2 (right column)
    you are welcome to steal my html :
    go to my page, select view source on your browser, scroll down to the bit about Google, copy and paste but change the address, title etc.

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