Goodwill Hunting

I leave today – in a few hours – and i only have one mission to fulfil before i leave:

to go to the Goodwill shop across the road and check out the vintage clothes.


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  • Scott says:

    I don’t know if you’ll have time today, but if you can you should try to make it Bygones in Carytown. They specialize in vintage, and section off the shop according to eras: the thirties, the forties, etc. Absolutely the best in vintage.
    The Goodwill in Midlothian (I assume that’s the one because there’s a Holiday Inn across the street) is OK, though. I’ve been there a few times on the same quest. In fact, that might have been the one I found my fantastic black leather blazer in: I spotted it when an old guy pulled it off the rack and threw it into his cart. I kicked myself for not beating him to it (I was looking at suits). After gathering a few more garments he disappeared into the back to try it on. A few minutes later he returned with the blazer still in his cart, and to my delight, he pulled it out, held it up and shook his head wistfully before letting his gaze wander until it fell on me, at which point he called out, “Maybe it’ll fit you.” I walked over and took it from him, put it on, and found it was a perfect fit. Best luck I’ve had in a thrift store — I’ll probably never top it.
    Let me know what you find.

  • sheena says:

    goodwill rocks! i have freinds here that are compulsive thriftstore shoppers. we have a few chains here in portland- goodwill, value village and salvation army. don’t forget to check out the old eye glasses…you can find some pretty crazy frames sometimes.

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