Swiss Interview

Up early this morning to answer some Interview questions for, a Swiss youth magazine. Most interesting question: >> How would you challenge young christians in Switzerland?

TSK: I believe it is a critical time for Switzerland. Your country has led the way in so many things – graphic arts, internet, philosophy, theology. I am sure God is not finished with it yet. The last few years have seen some pillars of strength crumble (banking, airline, engineering) and its possible that the time is coming for the country to once again shift their dependence to God and away from their bank accounts.

The challenge will be for the next generation to lead the way – to actually live the life of Jesus in modern day Switzerland – to prove that a life of faith is possible and preferable. It will be a radical step and it will challenge the older generation to take the journey of Jesus seriously. But in the end, if the country follows the young people of faith and the way of Jesus, I believe that Switzerland will be better positioned to give away its gift to the nations.


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