Happy birthday 24-7Prayer

Frontaim5 (Small)24-7 Prayer is 5 years old. The celebration Iam5 is on today in London. I met Pete Grieg about 5 years ago and was excited to hear his story then – even more so now that teh ministry has blossomed out of control. Today, 1200+ people will gather in London to celebrate 5 years of unbroken global prayer. I was with the leaders last night at a special vow-making, history-connecting meeting with Pete Grieg and Floyd McClung and others. I will not be at the event today because i am shooting off home to be with my lovely wife who i miss and to see my kids, who ROCK, and to see my dear friends Derek and Amy Chapman. They just flew in from USA and will leave Monday night – so we will get home ASAP. My driver is James but we are sharing the driving – and nooooooo . . . i am not going to say “Home James” when i hop in the car.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Susan says:

    Send my love to the Chapman’s. I think that 25-7 prayer forum rocks. Regards to the family.

  • lillylewin says:

    sounds like you had a great trip…glad you are heading home to many hugs!
    we missed you at emergent usa….
    but you were there in spirit as your name came up several times : )
    i am glad you got to celebrate with the 24-7 folks!
    they have impacted my life greatly and i started my first prayer room thanks to dan slatter of warehouse/revelation in 2001! blessings to you and deb and the fam! lilly

  • Daniel says:

    I heard you were coming to Dallas, TX (USA) in March. Is that true?

  • Andrew says:

    hi daniel – yes – i have some meetings in USA and Canada – no date for Texas yet but late March sounds right.

  • moya says:

    hi skinsta
    i blogged about the 24-7 conference. it was brill.

  • Jon Harris says:

    “…a shift from being a prayer movement that does mission, to a mission and justice movement that prays a lot… time for 24-7 to grow up… if you thought the pregnancy was good, just wait ’til you meet the baby…”
    there’s much in those comments from pete greig that i respect and hold dear. IAM5 on saturday was simply superb in so many regards. check numerous blogs for mini-reports, check the main 24-7 prayer website for a full report in due course.
    go 24-7prayer… or, as they/we so often cry, ‘come on!’

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