Come and see my Prague


Prague, Czech Republic. Have a look at it through my eyes. Its the kind of european city that i used to dream of as a child. The warm brown tones, the spires, the food, the rivers. Its all here. Winter is a better time to visit. Less people, snow on the roofs, and a cold chill to make the food taste better. Prague is a mix of maternal warmth and harsh danger. Hunger and plague are still close to memory. It has been a great city in recent past, a city of great spiritual significance – it needs a Sleeping Beauty KISS to awaken it back to its calling.


On Sunday I went up to the cathedral to pray. I had to line up and wait, but it was worth it. This church, and the surrounding buildings in the palace area overlooking Prague, was the central place of power in the 1500’s for Europe. The church has incredible stained glass windows, all by different artists. My favourite is the window designed by Alfonso Mucha, who became a leading poster artist in France. The mosiac (right) of the Last Judgment is the largest mosaic north of the Italian alps. We have forgotten the sermons and messages preached in this building, but the artists that made this cathedral and its art have created a spiritual installation that speaks out, century after century.

PrgslaviaThe Slavia Cafe has traditionally been the meeting place of intellectuals, linguists, formalists, dissidents, who used to meet over coffee here to discuss radical ideas. Roman Jakobson used to hang out here. You want find this cafe on the tourist guides – its a Czech secret that they keep to themselves – but now you know.


This is where i stayed in Prague. Sasa, who was once the Scribe in our basement when we lived in this city, is now the Scribe in his own house with his happy family. He is currently translating the Psalms into Czech and the church meets in his living room.


We had a party with a Czech businessman the night before. He brought out one of the best red wines i have ever tasted. 2000 bottles were produced in total. All but 7 were purchased by a French “Gourmand”. Our friend Marek bought 5 of the remaining 7. I suggested he didnt open it, but his generosity overruled my request. There are now 2 less bottles of this great Czech wine.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


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