Storm In Orkney


Thanks BB for the previous post – internet is working for 30 second windows.

WWooooo. The storm came last night to Orkney and all over Scotland and Northern Ireland. 125 MPH winds on the Western Isles. We dont know exactly how fast they were here because, apparently, THE WIND STATION WAS BLOWN AWAY (either here or in Shetlands – no one knows yet)

Stromnessstrom3-1– Check out this shed that got blown across the road. Sam and I went out to take pictures and video. Not enough access to internet to post my video though.

– Its the worst storm in 10 years, some people are saying. One elderly gentleman (David Ferguson) says its the worst he remembers – but then the island is used to strong winds and the houses are built for it.

– 4 houses were flooded today and are being pumped out because of the extremely high tide.

– The dykes near the golf course were washed away and that area is now flooded. (top photo)

– We are fine – and we have power, electricity, heating and phone. The kids are all home from school. Our double glazed windows were bowing in and out last night.

– A blizzard may be coming in with snow. We will keep you updated, if we are able. Any more photos will be posted here on Flickr.


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