Read the Bible in 2005

UPDATE: Emerging Church bloggers Willzhead and Cleave are hosting their own “Read the bible in 2005” parties.

ORIGINAL POST: Once i read the Bible every day for 6 years, normally 4 chapters a day so i could get through the Bible each year. I have not been as regular, these past few years, but was hoping 2005 would change all that. But how to read it through without a group to cheer you on and kick your butt????? Well, heres a group -and they are friends of mine. And its not too late to join up. is heading up a read through the bible in 2005 journey – already over 700 have joined. You can sign up at the One Year Bible Blog

rons new haircutRon Johnson, who heads up Pathways Church, was one of the original Young Leaders (pre Emergent) and his church has always attracted a talented and artistic crowd – including Mark Miller and Sally Morganthaller of Sacramentis. I have visited Pathways in Denver a few times and have been in countless conferences with Ron. Thanks Ron – and nice haircut!


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