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The Emerging Church Seminar in Basel, Switzerland with Mike Bishoff is coming up, an I have already mentioned our input at the DAWN Convention in Wilderswill, Switzerland.

Cant make it to Switzerland??? What a shame! You are really going to miss out. But don’t worry, we are entering the Conference Season and there are plenty of emerging church events over the next few weeks to choose from. Here are my top picks.

Frontiam5 (Custom) IAM5. London, Feb 12th. 24-7Prayer celebrates 5 years of unbroken global prayer. They are expecting 1200 people to come to this event. I will be in London on the 10th and am very tempted to be there, but am not yet planning on it. DAng it. I might have to go . . .. its gonna rock!!!

Who are 24-7? R U kiddin? Where have u been?

See The Skinny of 24-7 Prayer for a recent update on these guys and their Prayer Rooms and Millenium3 Monasteries called Boiler Rooms. Did I tell you that there were more 24-7 Prayer Rooms in Africa last summer than any other country? Well . . I just told ya.

Ec05 120X60 Emergent Convention, San Diego, Feb 2-5. Their Planning Blog is very cool. Well done, Marko. Marko -hey – that little guy with the stupi . . i mean stupendous moustache . . . even looks like Marko. Nicely done! Can you find a tall skinny Lego man with a grey hat??? Bob at The Corner is pulling the bloggers together for a GeekLunch of sorts. See his 10 Reasons why you should attend the EC. Here is my reason – EC is one of the best attempts by the emerging church in USA to show themselves to the mainstream church. There will probably be over 1000 people at this event. I shy away from the big events, usually, but if i had more time and lived closer, I would be at this one.

Logo Parachute Festival, New Zealand. Jan 28-31. Wish i could be there. Mike from Rivertribe will be performing. This is a huge festival – with close to 30,000 attenders, this is possibly the biggest festival in New Zealand of any kind. WOW!. One of the originators of this festival was Mark Pierson, who taught at our Epicentrum event in Prague. He has put out a recent multimedia CD called Fractals. Sadly, I have never been to Parachute, but plan to go one year (2006?)

Index 02 Soularize in LA. Sponsored by The Ooze. I was there at all the original Soularizes, but recently its been too far to travel. Its possible that i will be doing something by remote – (a Suddenly Seminary session?) If you were going to this event, then you will also want to attend the Damah Film Festival, which I blogged about recently.

Oceanbaptism Frisbee. No, not the plastic saucer, i mean Lonnie Frisbee, the guy that was THE major figure (albeit the wild and prophetic figure) of the Jesus Revolution. The premier of Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher will be in Orange County, California, Feb 10. I wish i could be at that one. The film is made by friend David Di Sabatino – who published one of my worship articles at Worship Leader, and who is an expert on the Jesus movement.

Yo David – can we do this in Europe???


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.

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