Proverbs 11:24

Further thoughts on giveness, and the gift economy.
a 70k animated gif on proverbs 11:24 . . . . . . wait for it

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proverbs 11:24
From the Rhizome Cowboy presentation, Sheffield, Nov. 2004
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  • hi andrew,
    would you share what you had to say on the subjet? you know, i find myself thinking about network-based church model as an alternative to cell groups (which we have only one in our small ~30 people congregation). our decon keeps talking about growing (i think he means by cell groups), so i’d love to read/see (if you can make screen shots or email the presentation – the devil’s PPt) your thoughts on the subjet.
    blessings as you continue to inspire many people to follow the lord in alternative, narrow, but yet sure (as he walks with us) paths.

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