Prayer from India

Victor Choudrie from India gives the skinny on the post-flood situation and what how we can pray. Thanks Reinhold.

Dear Friends,

here is a letter from Victor Choudhrie from India with helpful prayer points concerning the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean:

The prayer points:

Pray for the injured and the ones that are in the critical state.

Pray for the families and dear ones of the lost that the Spirit of God will comfort their hearts and bring them out of the Valley of the shadow of death.

Pray for the people who have been displaced due to the disaster.

Pray against the epidemic which may be caused due to water pollution and lack of hygiene.

Pray for the heart of the masses to turn into repentance and in seeking God who alone can be their Deliverer, so that the disaster will result in the salvation of many.

Pray for the body of Christ to take responsibility of the scenario and cry out to the Lord by:

Repenting for the loss of people who have died without hearing the gospel


Mobilizing prayer and practical support

Share with the needy, every available resource, skills, time and talent as the early Church did.

Pray that the Church will step in with full vigour to reflect the love of the Lord for the needy.

Possible action plan for the non affected Christians:

Mobilize prayer according to the suggested points through phone calls, SMS, Emails, special meetings etc.

Use current news bulletins as prayer points.

Keep track of the number of people praying, going for help, sharing etc..

Explore all available resources and deploy whereever the needs are.

Form a network of churches, agencies, and individuals who can help in this crisis.

Arise Shine and Glorify God: Do not wait for the national or the foreign governments or agencies to act. Focus on raising and mobilizing local and national resources. The key challenge is to raise and mobilize the Indian five loaves and two fishes. God wants us to share our own bread and open our own houses for the poor, the widows, the orphans and the refugees (Isa. 58:7-9). There are millions of Christians who have been blessed by God, especially in South India. They should be persuaded to adopt at least one family to provide food, shelter and other necessities. This is the time for Indian Christians to arise and shine and glorify God. By this act healing of the nation will take place and many will enter the kingdom.

Crisis Precipitates Re-thinking: Every crisis makes a person to re-evaluate his relationship with God. There are no atheists during the crisis. Therefore this is the best time for them to hear the gospel that in spite of the disaster, there is God who loves and cares.

The Church is Responsible Because:

Because the Church is the Body of Christ and God will only act through His Body.

Because God has entrusted His authority in the hands of the Church.

Because she has been appointed by God to reflect His love care by helping the hurting people.

Because she is the ambassador of the Kingdom of God.

Because she has been blessed with all heavenly blessings – to bless, like Abraham was blessed to bless.

Because she must take every opportunity to expand the Kingdom by demolishing the Devil

Because during disasters, pride arrogance and resistance are forgotton and people readily respond to the need.

Because Jesus loves everyone and died for everyone.

Please feel free to modify and forward it to all concerned.

Bless and be blessed;

Roderick Gilbert and Victor Choudhrie


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  • Susan says:

    I will pray this prayer and pass it on to my prayer partners as well.

  • chandu says:

    Hi my name is chandu
    i am from pune in maharashtra india
    pleas pray for my elder sister
    she should get marry atlist this year
    because she is 30 years olld
    iam woring for her we are christian
    with rigards

  • Andrew Jones says:

    please take care of her, God. She is yours.

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