Funeral No. 2 – Dad

Dad’s funeral was on Wednesday. There were about 30 people, some of whom i hadn’t seen in 25 years. My dad looked awful, but that wasnt really him. We put a 1979 photo on the coffin of him in a suit and holding a smoke (as we remember him) and the photo was accompanied with a bottle of Jonny Walker Black Label, Dunhill smokes, lotto ticket, and a cap.

I gave the eulogy, and other people shared their thoughts and memories. Part of what i said was this:

“He loved much, and was much loved.
He sinned much, and was much forgiven.
He gave much, and was much received.
He will miss much, and will be much missed.”

Thanks to Pastor Barry Horton of Island of Hope Christian Community, for leading the service and for being my dad’s pastor and friend for the last 4 years. The chapel service at the nursing home yesterday was the first service my dad has missed in a long time.

I will post some images and more thoughts later. Just wanted you to know that it went well and we are all OK. We went through his things yesterday. And today i start the journey back to UK.

Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Deb says:

    I’m glad to hear things went well.

  • becky says:

    Just wow…thanks so much for allowing people into this journey…thanks for your honesty and the hope offered as well….Prayers for you and your family in going through all that you are…

  • bobbie says:

    dear andrew, praying you safely home to orkney to the arms of your wife and kids. i’m so sorry you have had so much loss this past month. my heart breaks for all you’re going through. thank you for keeping us posted. blessings and peace brother.

  • chris says:

    I came over your blog today, and was really touched by your comments and thoughts – I`m impressed that you`re able to write anything at all knowing all that`s going on around you. You don`t know me, but I`ll be praying for you – GoodLuck, Andrew. //chris

  • Alan Cross says:

    I praise God for you Andrew. Thanks for sharing with us through your loss. I am still impacted by the vision of your brother running and jumping into your arms saying “my brother, my brother”. That is how we should all be with each other. Our lives are richer because of what you have shared with us about your father and brother even though we never knew them. What an incredible tribute from a son and a brother. Godspeed to you Andrew as you travel home.

  • Liam Byrnes says:

    Andrew, Im praying God will fill you with the love you given out to your family who are on this earth and the love you’ve given out to those in eternity, Bless you bro, Sorry I missed your calls, call me if you want to have a quiet coffee in Aberdeen, not pressure to not just jump on the boat coz thats what Id do, but the offers there mate. Liam

  • Chris(tine) says:

    Praying for your safe travels, Andrew, and for peace and rest.

  • Kathryn says:

    My father died when I was 18…a scarily long time ago now. One of my regrets now that I’m in full time ministry is that I wasn’t able to say the things I would want to say today….so well done,- my thoughts and prayers are with you as you head back to UK. Go well.

  • robby777 says:

    Dear Andrew, our grandfather died yesterday. But I could not give so much comfort, like you did trough your words. He was 97 jears old and had a pritty ruff life. And he was a GOOD katholic, but without Jesus in his heart. So we still miss him, we still think of him, . . . thanks for sharing your life and love and heart . . . Rob – will see you in germany next year

  • Sandra says:

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