Abigail fine after seizure

AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Very scary morning for us. Abigail had a diabetic seizure and is now recovering in hospital. She will be fine, but it was very scary for us.

More details:

Abigail’s first seizure since being diagnosed with diabetes 15 months ago. We all totally freaked out. Abigail was frothing and then still, with her eyes open. We thought the worst. We called 999. We injected her with her emergency fluid. She regained consciousness. The ambulance arrived and they took her to hospital where she will get some rest.
All is OK. Abigail is fine. But mum and dad are still recovering.


daaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg that was scary!!!

Thanks Jesus:

for giving us back our little girl

for putting us in a country where the hospital care is covered

for allowing us to still serve you overseas despite having medical problems in the family that would have hindered missionary families from going out in the past.

aaaaaaayyyyy yyyyyyaaaayyyyy yyyaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!


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  • scotty says:

    Oh my. So glad to hear she is well though. Give her an extra hug from the Miller family.

  • wilsonian says:

    I’m glad you’re all recovering!! I had a kid who was an unstable diabetic in my youth group years ago… he gave us some wild moments. I sure know how scary it looks, although he ALWAYS recovered before we did 🙂
    A few months ago he got married. A few nights into the honeymoon he went low in his sleep. Started thrashing around, etc. Everything got handled, but her response was funny… she didn’t think those “sicker or health” vows would kick in so soon 🙂

  • roger says:

    glad to hear she’s okay… wow… prayers are with you guys. roger

  • Edward Pillar says:

    Many many blessings and lots of peace upon you all. Thanks be to God for his servants the paramedics, doctors and nurses.
    trust Abigail will be well rested and well soon.

  • bobbie says:

    oh how scary, thank god with you for all of the above. praying for peace and rest!

  • teresa says:

    oh my… well, yes, praise god you have covered healthcare! give that beautiful spunky red-head my love for me… and everyone else, of course.

  • God, thanks for abigail is ok and pls give her continued expression. and pls let us figure out a way to cure this disease!

  • Toby says:

    My middle daughter is epileptic so I undersand how scary that can be. Thank God for successful seizure meds. I’m glad Abigail is well, and you are all in our prayers.

  • Wow Andrew. I know how that feels . . . my brother used to have diabetic seizures from time to time. Those were always terrifying! Hope she’s feeling much better. Peace to you.

  • + Alan says:

    Wheeew! Crap! Scray stuff. Glad she’s OK. Wow I can imagine how scared you must’ve been. May the Grace of God fill Abigail.

  • a gazillion praises to god…definitely

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