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Getting a Yahoo account is kind of like shopping at Walmart. I usually avoid places where everyone else goes, unless I have an urgent reason to be there. That reason was given to me yesterday by a PDF report from Morgan Stanley, found on an article called “The Blog’s Long Tail”. If the report is somewhat true in saying that will be the leading RSS reader, then i want to read my blog in the same way that most other people will be reading it – my RSS feeds coming into their customized home page.
So I got a new account, since so many years have passed since i used Yahoo, and started a home page for myself. I have to admit . . . its pretty cool. I typed in a few bloggers that i know and then asked for recommended RSS feeds. And they recommended MY VERY OWN BLOG . . . to myself. So Yahoo can’t be all bad. Besides the feeds, i also get my local weather, TV listings, flights, news, and whatever else I want to put there. It’s like Walmart or Woolworths: mainstream as anything, but eventually we all end up going there.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • bobbie says:

    woolworths! oh you’re cute – they haven’t been around for YEARS! 🙂

  • Simon Durrant says:

    Oh yes they have ;?)

  • Toby says:

    I use the my yahoo reader to check my blog, your blog, jordan coopers blog, and espn. works great

  • Jordon says:

    I started playing around with My Yahoo!’s RSS reader a couple of months ago when it came out. The advantage was a free RSS reader and customized news that was all integrated. I like how the Yahoo! internal news and RSS feeds are all seemlessly integrated.

  • William says:

    your comments about Yahoo, are interestingly what i hear quite often about emerging/emergent churches. a young family frustrated by the evangelical conservative church joins an emerging house church network or an alternative worship type of a church. at first it is very cool and exciting and there is a “buzz” because of interesting conversations about new theology and new ways of thinking. but after the buzz wears off, and they are tired of having their children in the alternative worship gathering who disturb the contemplative praying time, and sometimes they just don’t feel like interacting in a home church but want to just sit back and listen to a good old fashioned sermon, and get weary of talking theology so much that they just need some biblical advice about how to get along in their marriage – they find themselves drifting back to the megachurch (yahoo) with a new appreciation for all it offers, although now not quite as naive to it all – they settle in and enjoy the values of it and the alternative worship, giant living room, rethinking theology drifts out of the immediate radar and normal life happens again.

  • andrew says:

    hi will
    i have seen something similar happen – a little like what you describe, except rather than going back to what they came from, they are more likely to start something similar themselves, or perhaps add on that “old time religion” structure to what they have already created, but will do so in a reconstituted way. Its a loop, but not a reversal.
    Example – a house church group started an old-school type service because some of the believers missed the 45 minutes of singing in a tradtional (stage-led) setting. However . .
    1. they wanted it once a month or every two months, and not each week
    2. the people who requested it did not actually come to it after 2 months, despite their argument as to how necessary it was
    3. These people we are talking about are church culture believers, who often desire to go back to what they did as kids. Working with unchurch people is much different than churched or de-churched people. they have nothing to go back to.
    Just thinking out loud. thanks for your response

  • James Muse says:

    I’ve got you on homepage that comes up everyday along with AP news releases, weather, etc. I think its pretty cool.

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