My Dad also

My dad died on Friday night. He was told that I was on my way to Australia and that means a lot. He went quite suddenly – his time had come and it wasnt a surprise. I am glad he didnt have to attend his youngest son’s funeral – “No father should have to bury his son” (LOTR)
So tomorrow we have Lewis’s funeral and the day after we have dad’s. Who would have thought they would go out together?

This morning we were picking coffins and signing papers.
How am I? I am well – yes I am grieving, double grieving, in an emotionally complex way. I am also trying to be a big brother for my two sisters who just arrived this morning in Queensland, and trying to be a support for my mother, who also came this morning.
Australians are wonderful people and i couldnt choose a better country for this to happen in. Aussies are unfettered by compilcated processes and just tell the truth as they see it. Case in point – My Aunty Olwen (who i am staying with) told one of her friends at the bowling club yeserday that i had come over for my brother’s funeral and now ended up with two funerals.
“Saves you an extra trip”, he quickly offered
“Yes”, I replied, “very convenient”
Ahhhhhhh . . . I just love the Aussies because they say it like it is.

I will say more later. I wont be posting anything interesting this week, apart from thoughts about my brother and dad and what happens this week. I’m taking the week off, and i wont be doing any meetings. anywhere. I leave Australia Friday night and will be in London Saturday night – I wont be teaching a seminar at the Emergent Conference, but you can go and hear Jonny Baker who is speaking at the same time. [Didnt i say the same thing about Nashville 6 months ago?]


I dont say that lightly. I lost 2 of the dearest people to me in the world. It bloody hurts. But at the same time i am grateful to have had a dad for so long and am thankful for the right timing.


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