Clapshot for dinner

Our family is eating Clapshot for the first time tonight.


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  • Have checked the recipe. Bridge too far in my opinion – come back to civilisation (or at least get the Red Cross to send you parcels).

  • Hey Andrew!! We love and miss you guys, and were thinking about you today. (And yesterday, and other days.) We have sent a couple emails to you and Debbie but not sure if you got them. We’d really like to call you. Drop us a line and let us know how to get in touch or what yo number is. Love to Debbie, Samuel, Elizabeth, Abigail, Hannah, and Tamar !!!!!!! from the Chapman ranch in TExas. Yeehaw.

  • had to look up some words to understand the recipe… never happened before with any post of yours 🙂 sounds minimalist a bit. how was it?

  • it’s those old time country recipes with lots of vegetables that are good for you. the most liberal of us, the health food crazies, would like your choice of foods. the quasi-liberal among us, the people who don’t know how to cook anymore, think you’re in the backwoods. 😛

  • Do try this at home folks, but put the neeps & tatties in separate pans..the neeps cook slower so mash the tatties first then the neeps before mixing with pepper rather than chives. Cool (or rather hot)

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