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We leave in about a week!!!! We are REALLY encouraged by the emails people are sending regarding us moving up to Orkney (NE Scotland – or – west or Norway) next week. God really seems to be in this move, even though i have a hard time explaining the rational reasons why we are moving our base to an island.

chapel of ease MH: (Orkney) “Andrew, Hi , we haven’t met ( yet) but a wonderful and well loved friend TK sent me in the direction of your Blog today .
 I now live in Orkney having moved up from Cornwall last year ( jan) as God had been speaking about the isles for a while. I came for a root around this time last year and suddenly was moving here a month later ( via a bit of a prayer trek via Ireland and Morocco, it seemed obvious to me!)
 I . . . have really come to pray and open up ancient paths and see where life goes and God leads. (that sounds a bit pretentious and assumptive , really not my intention)
 Email stinks sometimes coz I don’t really know what to say but I did burst into tears when I read the mail from Tom and then the entry on 27 Sept about Orkney so my spirits happy even if I seem positively unable to communicate.

 It’s been a very “interesting ” year here but I am so encouraged about what God is up to . Me , I pray and go on trips and take others on trips and am presently spending time working into old pigrammage routes. I love my life and God rocks. It’s defintely moving in Orkney which is cool ( and whatever that really means) more people who are just living the thang are always a joy to have here.
 I don’t know when you’re coming up again , would love to hear the story and meet with your family. You are welcome anytime in my house. Would love to hear from you and some of your plans.
So VERY VERY excited. Bless you. “

Fiona (Orkney): “Consider yourself welcome on your arrival – is that Hamnavoe on top of your site or a bigger ferry?
We are very excited about your appearance as it confirms a lot of stuff that has been going on this summer (unlike Sun which has been going off rather a lot.)”

B. (USA): “We’re feeling called out there ( Scotland) and are eager and excited to help out in what ever ways we
can.  Talk to you soon.”

C (USA) “Something inside me resonated as I read about your plans to start a monastery in Orkney. Something inside me was saying, “Be a part of this.” I don’t yet know for certain who or what was speaking inside me. I’m inclined at this point to think it is the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit’s message within me has been strong enough over the past week or so that I’m writing you.
Something in me seems to be saying, “Be a part of this,” (I said that already, didn’t I?) not in the sense of coming, learning, and returning home; but rather in the sense of coming and staying on to serve. . .”


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.

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  • Gabby says:

    Andrew, i have to apologise for joking about your family moving to the islands, “where people speak with a funny accent” (back when you were here in Budapest). Actually, as i read about what God is preparing, i humbly feel like visiting this future pilgrimage/monastery-to receive blessing. May He bless you&Debbie in getting everything packed up. Eager to read posts about the happenings. Praying.

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