Hanging with Kenny Mitchell

japankennyDJ Kenny Mitchell was in London for a few days and i caught up with him last night. Mika Goto from the Japan Youth Church Network was at our home so I brought her along to meet Kenny. EQ was a meeting for artists and musicians. Mainly musicians. About 40 of them turned up and Kenny spoke for, dang, must be over an hour, on hearing THE SOUND and being a living sacrifice for God. We prayed over all the DJ’s and musicians.
Kenny and I were in Japan a few years ago where I took this picture, and he took a sound bite of me teaching my “Tree By The River” movement. He mixed it with the Japanese translation into a track on his Brooklyn and Beyond album called Movement. I have used it a few times. Kenny is cool. Glad the EQ people recognize that. Kenny pastors a church in New York called Tribe. EQ will meet again November 8. Dave B is the man to talk to.


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  • sounds great Andrew. Speaking of DJ’s…I played a few records in a bar in Waterloo the other night. It was my first in 4.5 years and it was so fun that I’m tempted to dabble again. It’s just a bum deal having to buy your tunes when you used to waken up and have a bunch of white labels sitting on your doormat! Hope you’re well.

  • We met Kenny at Cornerstone 2003, cool guy! We are artists and a musician here in Michigan planning to move to N.Y.C. with our 6 kids (one more than you and your wife!) in one year. Hopefully we will meet up with Kenny again

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